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Free Website Promotion .com instantly submits your website URL to the major search engine directories - free! Spread the word to search engines that your website is live and prepared for tons of traffic. Getting your website included in search engine results is a snap – and free - with Free Website Promotion .com.

Don’t waste your time submitting your website to tons of search engine directories! Let Free Website Promotion .com do it for you – free! It’s easy. Just enter your URL and e-mail address in the boxes below, then click “Submit.” Free Website Promotion .com will send your URL to leading search engines, including AOL Search, Google, Metacrawler, Dogpile, and many more.
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How to Drive More Traffic to Your Site
1. Submit your website to the major search engines and web directories with Free Website Promotion .com – for free! Spread the word to search engines that your website is live and prepared for tons of traffic.

2. Submit your website to search engines and web directories on a regular basis (at least once per month), either manually or with Free Website Promotion .com’s instant submission service.

3. Put banner ads on similar content sites and web directories. Our traffic-building program, Pro Submit, places more than 8,000 banner impressions on and guarantees 500 clicks on Overture.

4. Add focused, well-written keyword content on your website. Keyword-rich articles that educate will not only bring visitors, but it will bring them back again and again. Good content helps the search engines find you and know how to best list your site in search results.

5. Find online discussions, forums, and blogs where your target customers visit and then start posting and participating. Make sure you include your URL as part of your signature after posting. This adds vital back links that will help rank your site higher in the search engines.

6. Write articles related to your website and publish them on blogs, free article directories, and content submission websites. Include your URL at the end of the article in your signature to create even more back links for the search engines to find.

Free Website Promotion .com is an incredible web marketing technique that submits your site to the major search engines – for free! Your website will never show up on search engine results if you don’t let the search engines know you exist. Use Free Website Promotion .com and Pro Submit to ignite your website business!

Learn How to Submit Your Site for FREE to the Search Engines
Free Website Promotion .com is free! Use it to submit your URL to numerous search engines. If you are like many people, you question why you should submit your site to web directories. Free Website Promotion .com’s FAQ’s can come to the rescue to answer questions and explain the need for search engine submissions.

Why is it Important to Submit My URL to Search Engines?

There are millions of websites online and thousands of new ones added daily. With all this competition, it takes time for the search engines to find and index your site. By submitting your URL with Free Website Promotion .com, the search engines are immediately notified your site exists and is ready for inclusion in search engine results.

Why is it Important to Submit My URL to Directories?

Directory listings build crucial back links to your site, increasing your visibility with the search engines. Your website will rank higher in search results with back links. Free Website Promotion .com will submit your URL to search engines while Pro Submit, our paid submission service, will submit your URL to web directories, gaining you hundreds of back links and thus more traffic.

When Will My Site Show Up in Search Engine Results?

It depends on the search engine. Some take weeks to index a site while others will index your website right away. This time difference is why it is best to submit your site through Free Website Promotion .com as soon as it is online and ready for visitors.

How is Search Result Ranking Determined by Search Engines?

Many variables go into search engine rankings, but two are most important. First, is the relevant keywords used in your website content. If your website sells ‘bird houses’ and you want your site to show up in search results for ‘bird houses,’ then you must include the term ‘bird houses’ several times on your site.

Second, numerous inbound one-way links gained by submitting to web directories also helps to ensure a high-ranking website.

URL submissions to search engines and web directories are just one technique used in optimizing your website for the Internet. Webmasters should also strive to obtain back links by distributing press releases, posting in online forums, marketing website articles, and blogging.

Will You Notify Me After Submitting My URL?

Free Website Promotion .com’s Prosubmit, service will send you a detailed record of the search engines where we submitted your URL.

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